Friday, April 20

friday's letters

some pictures from my unexpected class field trip to ride horses

dear favorite leopard flats, i'm sorry that you had to endure all that mud yesterday. i wasnt told that my students were going on a field trip, otherwise i would have changed you for some converse sneakers. i hope you get better soon. dear english week, you are coming in a few weeks at school and i am not ready! i hope we get ourselves organized before then. dear boyfriend, congratulations on finding a new job, i know you are going to do great! dear friends in the united states, i miss you all so much!! don't forget to send me emails every now and again, i love reading them and will surely respond! i miss your lives. but mark your calenders, i will be home july 2nd. dear mother nature, i never thought i would say this but i miss the cold weather! you have been making the weather almost unbearably hot lately and i would very much appreciate some cooler weather so i can at least sit down and not start to sweat. dear weekend, i'm so glad you are finally here! lets have some fun okay?



Lola said...

I love horses so much, but unfortunately I have not had the chance so far to learn how to ride one:( But they are definitely one of the most beautiful animals ever:)

Ashley Slater said...

brooke designed your blog, huh!? I can tell her work, she is awesome! don't you love the watercolor look we both got in our headers!? loveee it! thanks for linking up with me!