Tuesday, January 3

the day has finally come..

i have glasses!! now i know you may be thinking, "and that is a good thing...?" but, YES it is! i have been wishing upon stars that one day i would need glasses. glasses just make a person look more interesting, like there is so much going on in their brain that their eyes can't take it anymore and they just need glasses to make sure everything stays in line. also i think that they are just so darn cool. i mean, obviously its not cool if i can't see, but thats not the case, i can see fine. there are just sometimes where i cant see everything fine.  for example, i was watching a movie at home with my mom recently and i asked her probably a good five times to tell me what the words on the screen said. so i went and got my eyes checked out and low and behold, the doc said i could probably be using some glasses! i don't need them all the time, mostly for distance, but that still means that i need 'em!


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I like them. You picked out a really cute pair.


Britta Marie said...

thanks, erin!