Thursday, June 5


pale pink bridal shower
bridal shower decorations
pastel bridal shower

bridal shower panty line

mimosa bar

bridal shower decorations

A few weeks ago one of my best friends celebrated her bridal shower. Being that half of the bridal party (me included up until January) is from out of state, it was a little difficult for all of the bridesmaids to get on the same page about planning festivities! But in the end everything came together and we were able to pull off what we thought was a pretty Pinterest worthy bridal shower. My favorite part was a post-it game, where all guests had to write down a memorable (or not so memorable) moment of the bride that she had to read out loud to the group and then try to guess who wrote it. There were some pretty interesting post-it stories that made for a good laugh. The bride handled all the somewhat embarrassing shower games with much grace and poise! Let's hope that when it is one day my turn, such games are out of style ;)

We are now just two months away from the big day where she says I do, but first ... the bachelorette party. In a few short weeks we are going to Nashville to celebrate for the weekend! I'm excited to say I will definitely be documenting that weekend so stay tuned.

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