Friday, October 25



1. This week I came up with one of my best projects in school yet. Both of my sixth grade classes are making murals that represent peace. Since we can't actually paint on the walls I've put together a bunch of big pieces of poster paper to make one big piece. We're even allowed to display them once they are finished! (this is huge because we are normally not allowed to display any work on the walls)

2. I am really going to miss my sixth graders, and my eighth graders, and my ninth graders. I found out that for the sixth grade graduation, both classes chose me as the teacher they wanted to dedicate their graduation to. I'm not supposed to know yet but it makes me so happy that I've had such a positive impact on them.

3. Lately I have been totally rockin' in my online class. I'm glad because it is hopefully getting me back in the groove for next semester when I will be a full-time student again!

4. Paris and I went on a date Wednesday and it was perfect! Because of Paris's new work schedule and some of my private tutoring hours rearranged we both had the afternoon off and decided to take advantage. We got some dinner and saw the movie Gravity. The movie was okay but the best part was spending some quality time with each other in the middle of the week when normally our busy schedules keep us occupied.

5. I am so ready for the weekend. We have to family parties to go to tomorrow and Sunday I am declaring as my day to do whatever I want! Which will most likely be finally reading the last Divergent book ;)

Happy Weekending!

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Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Popped over from Casey's blog! (Hello!) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous! xx

Laura Darling said...

So sweet that your students love you so much!