Thursday, August 29

trying something new

last week paris and i did something a little different. we went to a restaurant that is not on our go-to weekend eating list of places to eat! i was feeling adventurous and forced paris to be adventurous with me. so we thought about it and asked around and decided on a caribbean restaurant called maxi's that we constantly drive by but just have never gone in.

the restaurant itself is pretty big compared to other places around here and everything is painted with the colors of the jamaican flag. there was also some reggae music low in the background and of course soccer playing on every tv. we sat in one of the porch sections outside so it was really dark (hence the bad photo quality!).

i couldn't decide if i wanted to try the caribbean chicken or the shrimp in coconut sauce over pasta. i figured since i was being adventurous enough with trying the new restaurant i would stick with the chicken and maybe next time go for the shrimp. i think i made the right choice! my chicken was amazing. it was bathed in a sort of coconut curry sauce and came with a ton of rice and beans, plantains, and salad. it seriously hit the spot. paris had rice with seafood and could not get over how good it was/how much food they gave us. they also started us off with an appetizer of little plantain bowls filled with guacamole, refried beans, and some kind of meat. that little while bowl next to the appetizers is filled with hot chili that i actually tried. my mouth stayed pretty hot for the rest of the meal but it was worth.

the food was great, the service was extremely helpful, and i think not only will we come back here but we may try another new restaurant in the near future. i'm thinking indian food!


B Dav said...

Indian and Caribbean cuisines are two of my favorites!!!
The flavors are just so amazing!
Britt @ One&20

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

Sounds good good... i love caribbean food!