Thursday, August 22

thank you, promodoro

this little corner has been my home this week. it's the end of the trimester at school so i have been making exams and grading projects in all of my spare time. exams are one of my least favorite parts about teaching. in my opinion exams have too much information for students to really understand what they are studying. and at my school we are required to tell students exactly which topics are going to be on the exam so they know exactly what to study for. sounds a little counterproductive to me but what can i do.

 i am grateful to nicole for her post last week on productivity. she introduced me to the pomodoro technique which is working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. i downloaded one of the apps from an article she linked to called promodoro and i have been hooked all week! it basically just times your intervals for you and gives you a little message when your work time is up and it is time  for a break and vice versa. of course this can also be done with a regular timers but for some reason when i use the app i am in the zone! and thank goodness for that because when i feel productive i am one happy girl.

how do you manage your time to get all your work done??


Treasure Tromp said...

so happy that you like the system!! that makes my heart sing!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I try to maintain a balance as best I can by being structured time-wise...but sometimes that's easier said than done.