Tuesday, July 2

mojito monday

yesterday some ladies and i got together for what we now like to call mojito monday. we thought it would be the perfect day for us to get together, lounge by the pool, and drink some mojitos. however, being that a huge storm decided to roll on through we couldn't take advantage of any pool time. but we did enjoy an amazing meal prepared by my friend lindsey.

the menu included:
homemade pico de gallo, vegetarian taco cups, corn and black bean burgers, green bean and feta salad provided by my friend anna, a homemade ice cream cake, and of course mojitos!

it was the perfect way to start my vacation, some great homemade food and even better girl time.
so who wants to come to mojito monday next week??

oh and we all were on various forms of vacation/work schedules in order to all be hanging out on a monday afernoon ;)


Blue Dog Belle said...

Looks like a perfect monday night to me!

Pati Mo said...


lost in travels said...

please tell me this is a regular thing. because if so, i'm on my way