Tuesday, July 9

dinner dates

dinner dates with your girl friends are the best.
my friend lindsey came home for a few days while i was here and we tried to squeeze in as much time in together as possible before she headed back to boston to start her new job (yay!). we spent a good three hours one night at our favorite greek restaurant enjoying some delicious greek food. we split some amazing tzatziki dip with pita and we both got a greek salad with a side of spanakopita. so good! we also may or may not have split a bottle of prosecco her dad gave us on the way out the door ...it happens!

do you have any favorite places to eat?


tiarenie said...

looks like my food here! :) i love anything that comes with dolmades (the stuffed grap leaves)!

Treasure Tromp said...

those are the best kinds of dinner dates! :)

Jamie F said...

Looks like the best food and company ever! Thanks for co-hosting friends hop! Newest follower here!

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