Wednesday, June 5

worst field trip ever part 2

part 2 of this story isn't as shocking as the first part, just a little disappointing. like i said yesterday, the purpose of our field trip was to go to a beach famous for having thousands and thousands of sea turtles come and lay their eggs. the beach is called playa ostional in guanacaste. i had never been to guanacaste before so i was really excited to get the chance to do so but even more excited to see so many sea turtles.

we went to the beach around 9pm at night, after a six hour bus ride and a few unhappy hours at our hotel. we started to watch a movie about the thousands of sea turtles we were meant to see and our guides get a call that we should rush to the beach because there are sea turtles coming! we run to the beach and follow our guides who are the only ones with red lights and who can see anything (turtles get disoriented with white lights).

all of a sudden the whole group stops. and everyone starts crouching down to see the lone turtle on the beach. the one turtle we will see the whole trip. i will admit it was pretty cool seeing this turtle dig her little whole and start laying her eggs...until it started to downpour.

now i usually try not to be a debbie downer but after everything that had happened already that day i was super bummed that we only saw one turtle! the pictures from the beach are from the next morning when we took our chances again, still without any luck.

needless to say i was extremely grateful when we all made it home safely friday night!


Elizabeth said...

oh dear. at least you saw one turtle! lol

Jelli said...

Gosh, that's too bad. I went to Tortuguero when I was studying abroad here at La UNA and saw a few females laying eggs. It was really an experience! My future sister-in-law grew up there too, so I have the feeling I'll get to go back sometime soon with my Tico husband (who's never been) to see the turtles again. Hope you have better luck next time!

tiarenie said...

boo.. at least the beach looked nice!