Wednesday, May 29

music that speaks to you

today's challenge is: 5 songs that speak to you or bring back memories. 

i love music so much. i think i could have come up with a list of 50 songs that speak to me or bring back memories but sadly 50 songs will not fit in today's blog post, so i followed the rules and stuck with 5.

walking by - something corporate
i saw something corporate for the first time in 2002 and was hooked ever since, some may say obsessed. my love for something corporate quickly passed over to jack's mannequin when andrew mcmahon decided to make this his new project. and now over a decade later i am still able to enjoy andrew's new music. those who know me well know that any of andew's dozens and dozens of songs could have made this list and i don't really know why i chose this specific one except to say that it certainly speaks to me.

chariot - gavin degraw
this song brings back so many memories of my oldest and dearest friend. it's one of those songs where not just one memory comes back to you but floods of so many different memories. i still wish i could find that picture of us dancing to this song at junior prom ;)

you are the best thing - ray lamontagne
college. my senior year. my poor roommate had to listen to me play this constantly. although, who am i kidding? she love ray just as much as i do...she introduced me to him!

happiness - the fray
it's hard for me to rank my favorite artists (after andrew mcmahon, of course). they all are kind of just in a long line of all being my favorite. the fray especially. and in the summer of 2009, andrew mcmahon and the fray made this girl extremely happy by going on tour together. it was a dream!

rosalita - bruce springsteen
born and raised in NJ this song reminds me of nothing other than home, friends, and summertime.
windows down .. bruce on.


jclaremarie said...

I have been blasting Chariot in my car for the past week, it makes me think of you every time <3

jackie said...

I'm also born and raised in NJ, specifically by the beach, so anything Bruce is great to me! I also love Happiness - I got to see them perform this live last summer and it was awesome. Great list!


Jen said...

The Fray has been popping up a lot in today's prompt challenge! I'm going to have to check them out!!

Chelsea @ Life Unpublished said...

Ohhh great choices!!!

Ragan said...

Literally all those songs - I love!!!! I wish we could share iTunes :)

Heather Marie said...

all of those songs. i am right there with you! specially the fray... way too good.