Saturday, May 25

like jasper from twilight

another post from the blog every day in may challenge
when i saw what today's topic would be, i wasn't sure if i had anything to write about. then it was one of those moments where in the middle of the night something just comes into your head. so here is the thing that someone told me that i will never forget:

in college, i was involved in so many clubs and activities. many of them were leadership roles and peer education type organizations. there was always a lot of positive reinforcement exercises. in one group we were going around giving each other positive affirmations and when it came to my turn someone said,

"i love being around britta because she is like my own personal jasper from twilight.
she always knows how to calm everyone's nerves and make people feel relaxed."

at first i was confused. but then i realized that was such a huge compliment. making other people feel comfortable has always been something i strive for and hearing that i have the ability to do that made me feel really proud! even though it was said in a very creative way ;)

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bethany k said...

That's excellent! There aren't a lot of careers where that wouldn't be valued. Good for you :) I love Twilight as much as the next girl, but I'm not sure I would have made the "calm" connection with Jasper!