Wednesday, April 3

what i'm listening to


although i have one more post of picture from our trip to la fortuna, i am going to change it up a bit today to give you another song that i just cannot get enough of lately. i am lucky enough to have a few friends who listen to pretty much the exact same music that i do. so when my friend shot me a message saying "listen to of monsters and men. i love them,"

 i listened. and i, too, loved them.

i know it is not the newest of music. but isn't it the best when it is new music for you? discovering new music for your personal library that you just can't get enough of sure is wonderful. my lovely friend michelle wrote a similar post this week where she describes herself as a habitual music listener and i think i will say me too. not to mention, the music she included is pretty darn good.

happy hump day and here's to two more days until the weekend!

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