Thursday, March 7

volcanos and abandoned hospitals

the same day we went to the irazu volcano we also tried to go to the abandoned hospital sanatorio duran. we tried. we passed the hospital on the way up to the volcano so i snapped some cool pictures of the whole property. after the volcano we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the hospital only to arrive 15 minutes after they closed the doors. i was still able to get some shots of the main house from outside but i was a little bummed that we didn't get to go inside. i don't know much about the hospital but i do know that it was mainly for tuberculosis patients. 

it was so interesting to me that this hospital was right underneath a volcano! you can kind of see the whole landscape in the first picture up there. and getting to this place was kind of a hike so i was really surprised when everyone in the car was like "oh and thats an abandoned hospital..." random!
i guess we will have to make another trip to one day go in!

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Celebrating the Day said...

These pictures are gorgeous!! The setting totally reminds of buildings from Lost (the tv show). Your adventures look like so much fun!