Sunday, March 3

this is not a healthy recipe

ever since the superbowl when we had some buffalo chicken dip, paris and i have been seriously craving some more. so when we finally found buffalo sauce in the store we bought some just for this dip. after a bbq with paris's coworkers we had about 4 extra packages of tortillas and paris told me .. we should make chips! now if i had know that he knew how to make home made tortilla chips, we would have been done this about a thousand times already.

for the dip we used this recipe. it is so easy and so addicting. and for the chips, here is what we did:

take some tortillas and cut them in quarters. fry them. thats the not so healthy part. paris used butter and some white substance called malteca that i don't really know what it is but i know its not good for you.
when they are done frying you can blot them with paper towels to take some of the grease off. then add salt and you're done!

i will warn you though. this combination is addicting! but definitely

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