Thursday, February 7

working girl once again

i have been a little absent from the blogging world this week and maybe this picture will give you a hint as to why... i am back at work! my school year has finally started again after a very nice, very long, and very wonderful summer vacation ;)

this week at school i have been meeting most of my students' parents, getting all of their books ready, organizing and decorating the classrooms, and getting my lesson plans ready to go. this year i have 5 classes. 5 different classes of students! going from just 2 classes last year, to 5 this year is a ginormous jump. like ... i'm s.l.i.g.h.t.l.y. overwhelmed, but i received some really great feedback at the end of last year that made me more confident to start this new challenge. it was also so heartwarming to see some of my students' parents from last year and have them tell me that they were so happy to see that i will be one of the english teachers for their children again this year. it really made me smile and think about how happy i am to be back at the same school for a second year. 

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Jessica said...

At first I was like "summer in February??", then I read your about me. I'm just a new reader stopping by to say hi! Glad to see you're happy to be back to school!