Saturday, February 16

what i'm listening to

once again my dad has proven he is more hip than i am on the music scene. i remember two years ago, skyping with him while in spain telling him how much i really liked this new band called mumford and sons. he immediately says, oh yeah! and starts singing their single at the time little lion man. that was the last time i tried to introduce him to some new music! there have also been similar stories with some of my other favorite groups the civil wars and the head and the heart. i don't complain too much though because all of those artists have turned into my favorites.

needless to say, he has also introduced me to my current music interest alabama shakes. i'm probably way behind on this because he told me about them months ago but i am just getting around to giving them a good listen. so far i really like what i hear and i think you will too.

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Betsy Transatlantically said...

haha my dad sends me YouTube clips of the Ed Sullivan show from decades ago. gotta love them!