Tuesday, February 19

happy hu...tuesday?

wait, it's only tuesday? 
based on my day yesterday i thought i deserved for it to be at least wednesday.

school is hard so far this year. i went from two classes last year to five this year and i am am struggling just a little bit to juggle all the changes in my schedule. i know because it is the beginning of the year that things are a little more stressful with learning procedures, making diagnostic tests, and learning all my new students' names (there is just that one class i can't get!).

i'm sure that everything will fall into place soon but i think until this week is over i'm going to be a little stressed out and wishing every day was friday. but then again, who isn't?


Ragan said...

that picture made me laugh! I feel like it should be Wednesday too. hold out just a little longer!

The Adventurer said...

YOU will TOTALLY make it happen! Your now a second year teach, check you out!!!