Wednesday, January 23


so since i've been back i noticed that someone was looking prettyyy dirty. you know .. as if they hadn't had a bath in a while. i wonder if it really had been a while .. like if another certain someone had somehow forgot? i did my best but rocco just was not interested in his bath this time. he literally clung to me for dear life. but we got through it and there wasn't even any crying. although there was that look he gave me in the last picture down there. the "i won't forget about this"  look. sorry, bud!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Hehehe sooo cute! I love wet doggies! My dogs hate the bath too!

Marsa said...

ahh so so cute! my dog hated baths haha

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Simply Evani said...

LOL my pups know that bathtime is coming when we grab the shampoos and they start running for the hills. Your pup is so cute!