Thursday, January 31

a little expat advice

i'm not usually one to give out a lot of expat advice, mostly because i don't really consider myself an expert. i know i have lived in two different countries for almost a total of three years now but i still feel like there are things that i learn all the time about living abroad. and maybe one day i will write about all of those things that i have learned but for now i am just going to give one teensy little bit of advice.

before you leave a country, make sure you close all of your accounts whether they are banking, internet, cable, etc.

of course when i was in spain almost two years ago i didn't close one of my accounts because i was advised that it wasn't necessary. it is necessary!! i am now dealing with a such a headache from trying to pay things that were charged to me and closing my account and time differences etc. this all could have been prevented if i had just done the logical thing and closed my account when i left.

obviously i am going to take from this: everyone makes mistakes, its not the end of the world (my favorite) and at least it wasn't something more. and i think anyone thinking of moving abroad should remember that when you leave...close those accounts!! 


Gina Alyse said...

A good thing to know if I go abroad for a while! Also, it's so good to know that you've lived in Spain. I'm planning to study abroad there next year for a semester. I can't wait to start preparing for it!

xo, gina

Treasure Tromp said...

great tips! I'll have to take care of all those things soon!


Betsy Transatlantically said...

ugh. YES. so many little pieces that go into being an expat, and that all have to come out when you leave. pain in the YOU KNOW WHAT.

SaritaAgerman said...

Good advice. I should have closed an account before I left.