Friday, December 14

holiday scenes from home

like i said yesterday, i have been playing around with my new camera! i ended up getting the cannon rebel t2i at a super discounted price and i'm still really excited about this purchase. so i spent a little while snapping some shots around the house. these are just a few of the things that remind me of home during the holidays. we aren't having a real tree this year because we won't be home for christmas, but we always put up our wooden christmas tree that my grandfather made. every year we fill it as much as we can with the littlest ornaments from all of our travels and family traditions. it just wouldn't be christmas without it!

does anyone have any fun weekend plans? i'm excited to spend some time with parents and then get into the spirit at a holiday party with my favorites! enjoy :)


Messy said...

Love your "christmas tree" - so cute! Lucky you to get a camera like that - I'm super jealous! Your pics look great!


Ragan said...

that little wooden tree is precious - what a great idea to still enjoy Christmas decorations even though you won't be home this year. And congrats on your camera....those things are AWESOME!

The Adventurer said...

That tree - I'm dying. It is just the most precious thing I've ever seen. And I want that in my tiny house so badly!!

Natasha Ting said...

your holiday decor is so, so cute! loveeee it! i'm just thinking how would it be if someone tripped over..