Tuesday, December 11

Don't worry I made it!

So don't worry guys! I made it to the states just fine and have been loving every minute of it. I haven't even taken my computer out since I've been here! Mainly because my mom showed me how to use her iPad :) To be honest I'm not sure how often I am going to be blogging while I am here. So far I just haven't had that urge to write a blog post which is weird because in Costa Rica it is one of the things I look forward to most ... That and reading everyone else's blogs which I also have not gotten around to yet, sorry guys! I will catch up on everyone's blogs soon! I think it because most of my blogging has taken place there and not here so I just have to find my blogging groove while I'm home.

For the most part, my time at home as involved lots of eating out, some coffee and frozen yogurt dates, and lots of friend time...oh and a few runs here and there. I am loving it and I've only been here for three days! So needless to say I am looking forward to the next four weeks. :)


Unknown said...

I love that little Christmas tree!

Sophisticated Lace

Ragan said...

oh what fun! I am happy for you - enjoy yourself girl!

Unknown said...

enjoy your time in the states!!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Yay!!!! Hope you're having a great time!

xo, Emily

Allison Taylor said...

So glad you made it safely!! Love that Christmas tree shelf. Are you and your man keeping close contact while you're away?