Monday, November 19

new teacher no more

friday was my first end of the year teacher party. i still can't believe that i am coming to the end of my first year of teaching. sometimes i think it's a joke and that i'm not actually a legit teacher .. like last year when i worked 12 hours a week as a language assistant speaking about 5 english words a class....but then i remember i still have final exams to grade and final grades to calculate and i remember that oh yeah i am a real teacher.

so friday was our school's christmas celebration. i attended mass in the morning (yes, mass) and then watched a darling little performance from the youngin's.

the teachers then all hopped on a really nice chartered bus for an hour up to poas, costa rica where one of the volcanoes is located. we got off at the restaurant fredo fresas. i think it is always interesting to see your co-workers outside of the work environment, especially the ones that you don't usually work with. maybe it was the fact that we are all excited for the school year to be over and maybe it was the fact that some people had some drinks but i would say we were by far the loudest group around. our waiter then made a joke to try about taking away points from our grade if we weren't quiet. good one .... not.

after lunch we took a little stroll through the hummingbird garden where all the hummingbirds magically escaped my camera lens and then headed back home.


Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

Congrats on finishing your first year! What a huge milestone(I celebrated for days after this one)

Unknown said...

yaaa, congrats!! how wonderful

The Adventurer said...

So very fun!! I want to come party with you! Blah!

Nicole Marie said...

congrats on finishing your first year!!

interesting that the school year ends in November!