Thursday, November 15

20 wishes

the girls over here have started this lovely idea that i just couldn't help but take part in. 20 wishes.
one year to complete 20 wishes that you have. that you want to complete.
not those "wishes" that you make when new years roles around that haunt you for a few weeks and then you slowly start caring less and less. no not those wishes.
the things that you want to do because you like them and because they interest you.
the fun things.

so here are my 20 wishes

- learn to take pictures with my new camera
- run a 5k race again (its been a few years!)
- go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends
- reach 500 followers on my blog
- travel to la fortuna, costa rica
- re-paint/re-do the bathroom in my apartment
- read at least one new book a month
- teach rocco some fun tricks
- take a trip to panama
- make a real thanksgiving dinner for paris
- send snail mail letters to my friends at home
- learn how to cook more easy but yummy meals
- buy some new boots (it's about time)
- go to a family member/friend's wedding (this one is happening!)
- pay off my smallest student loan
- find some paintings/prints to decorate the house
- go to a vineyard
- complete a DIY project from pinterest
- learn how to properly do my own makeup
- make some fun crafts with my students

what would you wish for?

Truly Lovely


Brittany LeSueur said...

These are great wishes! I would just wish that I Could keep my home clean for just a few days!!! Kids I tell ya:)

Anonymous said...

New follower here! Great blog & even better wishes! Hope you share some of those new & yummy [and easy!] recipes with us all!

-- Kaela @

Unknown said...

love this idea.

Lindsay said...

Oh what I wonderful idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing it.

Kelly said...

Great post!

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