Sunday, September 23

swap with me

hey guys! i thought i would give an official shoutout to anyone who is interested in swapping buttons with me!

i've been swapping with some great ladies for a while now and have loved getting to know them. we've kind of grown our blogs together over the past few months and i've loved reading and commenting with them along the way!

so if anyone is interested in swapping please send me an e-mail at
and i would love to have you on my sidebar :)


Kristin W said...

Of course I'll totally swap with you! I'll put you on my sidebar blogroll tonight or tomorrow!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

once i figure out how to create one.. then i can swap... lol

Chelsea said...

I would love to swap buttons with you, if you'd like!

Filiz @ Light and Sweet said...

I would love to swap buttons with you! Lovw your posts, seems like your really down to earth. I send you an email.

Anonymous said...

Would love to swap buttons with you! I'll grab your button right now! Mine is grab-able at! :)