Friday, August 10

thank goodness its friday

volcan poas circa 2010

dear next two weeks: be kind to me. the end of the second trimester is coming up and that means lots of tests to make and grade, projects to grade, progress reports to send out, parents to meet with, etc. i swear i will get a little bit done every day, just don't pile up! dear eighth grade class: you guys are the i admit, that at the beginning of the year you got on my nerves a few times but now it just brightens my day when i get to be in your class. dear teriyaki experience: i love you. you have the cheapest sushi we have found (when its 2x1) and you have the equivalent to my favorite vegas role! i will be stopping by frequently. dear new readers: i believe i said this last week but again, welcome! i am so happy to have you here. i hope you enjoy!



Treasure Tromp said...

happy friday / weekend!

Tamaras Blend said...

Gotta love Fridays and weekends! Too bad they go by sooo fast, faster than the whole week!

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