Wednesday, August 15

saturday morning pancakes

i have had such a hankering for pancakes lately that every time i see a new picture of then on pinterest, i pin it. they look so delicious! seriously, how can you resist?

the first one: apple cider pancakes with cinnamon sugar topping

lemon poppy seed pancakes with berries

lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce (heaven?)

this is where i tell myself i need to get my domestic butt in gear and learn how to make all of these....we'll see when that happens.

but my dad used to make us pancakes every single saturday morning when my brother and i were little. it was my favorite thing! i just asked him to send me the recipe so that i can start slow and perfect the basic pancake before i move on to some more fancy ones.

i'll be sure to keep you guys updated on my pancake making!


navy and orange said...

obsessed with pancakes for the weekend.

xoxo navy & orange

Unknown said...

blueberry pancakes please!

Have a lovely day! Stop by and say hello! :)

Eleanor Harte said...

Looks SO good! I want them! My mom makes fantastic pancakes - thanks for the reminder to ask her to make them before I head back to school next week!


Eleanor Harte said...
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Unknown said...

yum yum yum!! Apple cider pancakes looks amazing

Emmett Katherine said...

And now I want some pancakes!!

Katia said...

" you are what you eat so I am pancakes" made me laugh hard hahaha, great post! You got my tummy rumbling :(


Samara said...

These pancakes had me drooling!! The choc chip oatmeal ones are to DIE for! ha ha

You should link this post up to a link up party I'm running :-)