Monday, August 13

love at first site

we bought rocco a new chew toy. okay his only chew toy.
you see, he has been so content with chewing all of our socks and fingers that we just never bought him a proper chew toy. then this weekend as i was roaming the grocery store aisles i came across this little number and decided to try it out.

love at first site, people.
and thank goodness... for the sake of all of my fingers.


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

love at first... bite :) why must he be so cute?! I just want to pug-hug him! (def. pug-hug (noun): when you hug a dog that is physically resisting you.) His ears are the cutest!

Treasure Tromp said...

so much cuteness!!

haley said...

So cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Crazy that you live in Costa Rica! Wish we had been blogging friends before I went! Costa Rica is one of my favourite places to go!

Jenna Secrist said...

Aw, how sweet!!! Love it.