Monday, August 13

love at first site

we bought rocco a new chew toy. okay his only chew toy.
you see, he has been so content with chewing all of our socks and fingers that we just never bought him a proper chew toy. then this weekend as i was roaming the grocery store aisles i came across this little number and decided to try it out.

love at first site, people.
and thank goodness... for the sake of all of my fingers.


Bret said...

love at first... bite :) why must he be so cute?! I just want to pug-hug him! (def. pug-hug (noun): when you hug a dog that is physically resisting you.) His ears are the cutest!

Unknown said...

so much cuteness!!

haley said...

So cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Crazy that you live in Costa Rica! Wish we had been blogging friends before I went! Costa Rica is one of my favourite places to go!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Aw, how sweet!!! Love it.