Thursday, August 23

lots of lips

i'm linking up today for current crush thursday and if you couldn't tell already, i'm currently crushing on...lipstick!

now, if you had asked me even just a year ago what color lipstick i liked to wear .. i would have said, "lipstick? what for?" i can even remember a time when i was out to dinner with paris's whole family and his sisters and mom all had their lips bright red. they told me to slap on some of their lipstick so we could take a picture. they just handed me the lipstick... no mirror... to put some on. i didnt even know how to apply it with a mirror, let alone without one!

i think thats when i started to notice peoples' lipstick choices a little more. and now i just can't get enough. i started slow with some tinted lip glosses, and then i finally took the plunge and bought some mac lipstick! not gonna lie, i was so nervous when the lady was helping me choose that i had no idea what i wanted and ended up getting a color that i wasn't really happy with.

but for my birthday i treated myself to two new lip colors: creme de la femme and see sheer, both by mac.

this one right here is creme de la femme and it has definitely become my "go-to" color. if i leave the house to go almost anywhere besides school .. i put it on! who knew that i would ever be a lipstick person??

are there any lipstick colors that you guys are crushing on lately?

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Jess May said...

I'm with ya! I never wore it either, then one day just decided to buy some lippy to spruce up an outfit. My go-to colours at the moment are red and coral. Definitely makes an outfit! x

Lindsey A. Turner said...

I love it but I get busy and forget to stop and put it on so I end up just throwing on a gloss. Love all these bright colors!


Destiny said...

I haven't found a lipstick I love, I'm a lipgloss girl

meme-and-he said...

oh, how I wish I was more bold with my lipstick. I hear dark red is going to be in this fall...let's all give it a try :)

Allison Taylor said...

You look GREAT with lipstick! love love love all of those colors, I literally can't tell which one I like best!

l said...

Love the pink lipstick on the blonde! I don't wear lipstick often...i'm more of a gloss girl!

Jenny said...

Ooooh, I love lipstick! I recently started wearing red lipstick more often...I used to be scared of it, but now i love it!
Modern Modest Beauty

jackiek said...

thanks so much for your sweet blog comments! i don't think i can pull lipstick off very well.... i'm a blonde haired blue eyed girl and every lipstick i've tried just looks too intense on me. i'll keep looking though :)

Anonymous said...

I need some bright red lipstick asap.

Jennifer Hanson @ Wuthering Iris said...

Great link-up! I am pretty much in love with all those colors! Especially the first one.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Great to find yours.

Have a great week!


Call it Adventure said...

Oooh be careful girl. Lipstick is addictive! :P I have like 12 now and I had zero a year ago ;)