Monday, August 20

all work and no play

as a first year teacher, i feel like i am constantly taking a ton of work to do at home. no. i am constantly taking a ton of work to do at home because otherwise it won't get done.

when i was in college i learned how to really study and get my work done. i spent hours upon hours in the library at school, and i actually really enjoyed it. my roommate would joke with me that i was always with my boyfriend...the library.

but i have this thing, where if i know i have some work to get done, i feel like i can't enjoy myself. even if i know i am not going to get that work done today, i tell myself well today you can't go out to eat because you didn't finish your work. crazy? maybe.

but because of this thing, i often find myself telling paris that i'm just going to stay home and do my work while he goes out. bummer!

so in order to prepare for that feeling this weekend i spent a little extra time during the week to get as much as i could done. i still didn't finish (end of the trimester blues). but this weekend i told myself, no. no you will not stay home while everyone else is out enjoying their weekend.

so i did it. saturday i spent the whole afternoon at the pool with paris and his cousins and sisters and then the whole evening watching movies and eating pizza before we went out for the night. take that, you boring teacher work!

hopefully i will be able to keep it up and work like a mad lady during the week to finally be able to enjoy my weekends without worrying about what i haven't finished.


Brittany LeSueur said...

my best friend and SIL are both teachers and say that the first year is by far the hardest!!! Hang in there and don't forget to enjoy yourself!!!!

Emma Vidmar said...

glad you took some time for yourself, it's gotta be good for your mental health to just sit back relax, and play!

Robyn Litchfield said...

i love having me time, it is always the best! i like your blog! cute photos! check mine out sometime!

Nicole Marie said...

as a teacher, the work is NEVER EVER done. There is always something for to do, plan, prepare, grade, clean, organize, review, etc.

This was definitely hard for me last year. Knowing how to balance and not feeling guilty when i was enjoying myself instead of getting stuff done