Monday, July 9


my mother's parents are from spain and that has always been something i really loved about my family. it is one of the main reasons that i chose to move to spain for a year after college.

growing up my whole family would gather at my grandmother's house and spend hours talking over a ton of tapas. tapas are basically just like little appetizers that you can really make a meal out of.

since my whole family doesn't really get together anymore and my grandmother moved down south, we don't have big tapas gatherings anymore. but we do have little ones.

this weekend since my brother and laura were here, every day for lunch we had tapas. lots of cheeses, chorizo, olives, little fish, and bread. nothing too fancy but just the way we like it: delicious.

do you have any traditional foods that your family likes to eat?


Kristin W said...

Tapas are my favorite! And cured meats and cheeses! I could probably LIVE off of these as tapas.

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

These look delish! Hmmm... traditional food... We eat a lot of Paprikás Csirke in the winter and empanadas de piño all year long.