Sunday, July 1

leavin'on a jet plane

welp, tomorrow i'm off to the good ol' usa for two weeks! as you probably already know, i could not be more excited.

i am most certainly going to miss my boys.

one of them even tried to get into my suitcase this afternoon! okay maybe it was me who tried to put him in there...

but seriously, i am going to miss these two like crazy. lets see how they do without me for a few days.

love you both! and see you before you know it.


Jess May said...

Two weeks can go amazingly fast when you're busy! You'll be back before your feet have even touched the ground. x

Bret said...

treasure every moment! i'm off to NJ on the 14 & 15 myself :) my friend's dad died :( and he lived in princeton so we're cleaning out his house.

hope you have an amazing trip!

Chris said...

Have so much fun on your visit home!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have an amazing time!! Can't wait to hear about your trip when you get back :)


The Adventurer said...

Rocco baby face. I wish he could come to America. And then you could both fly to Texas to hang out with me and BDOG. Next time, okay!?