Sunday, July 22

i'm back!

hey guys! so i'm back. back in costa rica and back to my blog.
my airport experience on wednesday was pretty annoying. there was a huge storm and after a power outage, and three or so hours of waiting to see what time my plane would take off and then trying to find my new gate, we boarded only to sit another 45 minutes because we had somehow lost two crew members. wah wah. anyway, i arrived and everything went smoothly after that so i was please.

 since then i've just been trying to get re-accustomed to life here. thursday and friday i still had vacation from school so i caught up on some exams and lesson plans and just took it easy. i obviously spent the majority of my days with my pup rocco who i would like to say is not so much a baby anymore .. but he really is! i can tell that he grew a little bit but he is still so so tiny. but if you take a look at the photo below...
he can now go up and down stairs! by himself! he also will now put himself to bed downstairs and wake us up with kisses when the alarm goes off in the morning. oh my baby.

back to school for me tomorrow, though. i feel almost like it is the first day again, like i have forgotten everything i learned in the first 5 months i've been in the classroom. but i think i'll be okay ;)

hope everyone had a great weekend!


bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

have you seen louis ck's video everything's awesome and nobody's happy? your post had me cracking up as i was thinking about that.

your baby is getting sooo big... sorta :)

glad you had a nice break.

xo bhrett

Allison Taylor said...

Costa Rica looks like a really amazing place. I know you've been traveling a lot lately (and I just started reading your blog), do you live in Costa Rica? My boyfriend did a mission service over there for a couple of years, it looks like a beautiful place!