Monday, July 30

birthday weekend

my birthday weekend was not extremely exciting .. but that is just the way i like it. i did however, have lots and lots of quality time with my man and my little pup who is starting to warm up to me again after i was away for two weeks.

we watched the opening ceremonies on friday night and i was surprised to here that paris wasn't really as excited for the olympics as i was. once the ceremonies started though he was quite impressed .. as i thought he would be of course.

saturday was a really rainy and dreary day. so after some olympics we decided to head to the mall just to see what we could see. we got our first round of twix mcflurries for the weekend and instantly became hooked. hence, the mention of multiple rounds ;) while we ate them we watched a little fashion show that was going on. not exactly paris's thing but i was entertained.

sunday .. my birthday! we had bought tickets to see batman a few days ahead of time but after that i realized that women's gymnastics was going to be on most of the day. i was able to watch the subdivision for russia and china before we went to the movies and had already read what happened for team usa. after the movie (which was great .. tears may or may not have been shed...), we went to a restaurant for dinner where i asked them to put the usa gymnastics on. next is where we got round 2 of twix mcflurries and then finished the rest of the gymnastics at home!

an extremely relaxed weekend but like i said, just the way i like 'em. happy birthday to me!


Alissa said...

I want that

Happy Birthday! :)

his little lady said...

birthdays don't always need to be jammed packed. sometimes relaxed days are the way to go. sounds like you had the perfect birthday :)
xo TJ

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

twix mcflurry?! What an awesome combination! Belated happy birthday sweetie!

Katrin said...

Happy belated birthday! :) Found you on Shane's blog! Awesome that you live in Costa Rica! I moved from Germany to America.

sophistifunk said...

happy belated birthday! twix mcflurries sound so delicous!

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie