Thursday, June 14

friday's letters

red-eye removers never work on my eyes...

dear boyfriend: lets have a really fun weekend. lately i feel like i never see you anymore. maybe its because of my grandma bedtime. but lets hang out this weekend okay? a date night would be nice :) dear rocco: oh mister little man how i love you so. you have made great progress on your house training this week, keep up the good work okay? also, i love watching you "bark" and knock  yourself over. keep up that good work too. dear vacation: you are so so close. just two more weeks of work and then i am home free for three weeks. dear self: its time to start getting organized. start making lists of everything you need to pack to bring home and then everything you plan on buying/bring from home. dont want to forget anything you know, like peanut butter.

have a happy weekend everyone! xo



bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

i hear you on the getting organized! school starts in one week (ONE WEEK!) and I haven't registered for classes! I'd love you to join my first link-up today:

xo bhrett

Empirically Erin said...

New reader here. Loving your blog and your little Rocco! What a cutie.

Shannon said...

Adorable post! I hope you have a lovely weekend with your boyfriend.