Thursday, May 17

somewhere else today

so i started this blog at the very end of last year as a way for my friends and family to know a little bit more about what i was doing while i'm here living in costa rica. so far its been a lovely little experience creating this space as my own tiny piece of the internet.

along the way i've had the opportunity to "meet" a bunch of other bloggers with similar tastes, ideas, and life experiences. the blogging world is actually this huge community that i never knew existed until last year and i'm excited to have become a part of it.

so today instead of a full post i just thought i'd let you know that i'm over here at bhrett's blog lost in relocation! enjoy :)


ascott7289 said...

I read your post on Bhrett's blog! I loved it. My sister studied abroad in Costa Rica last summer and loved it! I'd love for you to stop over my blog as well if you'd like!

I'm excited to read more about your life in Costa Rica :)

- Lisha from

Malo said...

Just read the guest post. Great to know more about you and life in Costa Rica!