Friday, May 11

friday's letters

all styles found on my pinterest

dear hair: can you please look more like those? i'm always trying out new braids and buns because i think they are just so lovely, but they never quite look like all of those. so do me a favor and take note okay? dear school:i'm so glad that the english day celebration(s) are finally over and after today there will be no more. but what is this school olympics talk?? please, oh please, lets have this go as smoothly as possible with total cooperation from my students ;) dear united states: i know it is a little bit early to start a count down but in 7.5 weeks i will be making a lovely little visit to see you! please bring good weather because i'm looking forward to lots of outdoor runs and day-trips to the beach. dear boyfriend: i'm sorry that you've been sick this week and i hope you get better soon. also, i'm really excited that you have started your new job it seems like it is going to be a good one! lets have a nice relaxing weekend okay?



Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

stopping by from the linkup! god i wish i could figure out any of those braids you posted!! i still don't know how to french braid...haha!

im having a cool giveaway right now on my blog, you should check it out if you havent already!

xo Kelly

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

Enjoy Jersey. I'd love to get out of Philly soon. Looking like October though. I'll live vicariously through you for now :)

Lissa @ her + him said...

oh girl i am FEELING those braids. they look amazing! i need to learn how to do my hair like that! ha

found you via the newlywed link up!