Tuesday, April 17


surprise! the boots parade has a new blog design! every since i started my blog, more like since before i started my blog, i have wanted to have someone who knows what they are doing give it a great design. so after a few months of writing in this thing, and continually following a lot of other very lovely blogs, i decided to finally ask someone to redesign the boots parade. and thats when i met brooke! i got her off of a recommendation from megan over at this blog because i really liked her design. after scoping out a few more designs that brooke had done i knew i was in love and wanted her to do my blog too! and the rest is history. there are still a few things to get done on my part but i'm so excited that i had to say something. i hope you like it and thanks again brooke!


Brooke said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I loved working on it with you, you really were a fantastic client!

With Arms Outstretched said...