Sunday, March 11

oh sushi, how i've missed thee

on friday night we finally had the pleasure of enjoying some sushi. since i've gotten here i have been on the lookout for a sushi place that isnt too expensive. the two places we've looked at for prices have had rolls for a minimum of about 8 dollars and with the amount of sushi i typically enjoy per sitting that would just break my very tiny bank account. so i kind of thought that sushi would only be something i enjoyed on my trips home to the US (hello, half price sushi in brookline, ma .. i have been dreaming about you). however, friday night may have just changed everything. we found this little sushi restaurant that is tucked behind a current fav of ours, tacobar, kind of in the woods. we got there and there was not a single person inside the restaurant except two people in the kitchen and one waiter. we decided to try it anyway because after perusing the prices i decided my bank account could handle it. after taking a closer look at the menu i was a little worried, being that i couldnt recognize the names of any of the fish because they were in spanish. the waiter could only translate "tuna" which was not written as atun in the menu, and "salmon" which he told me wouldnt actually be salmon but something similar ... okay? so we bit the bullet and just got a platter of 40 pieces and boy was it delish. the flavors and some of the textures were just a tiny bit different than i am used to but that is to be expected. oh, but the miso soup was proooobably the best i've ever had. needless to say i'm sure we will be going back.

more on the rest of the weekend tomorrow. hope everyone enjoyed theirs!

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