Tuesday, December 20

miss you!

this is me and boyfriend last year on new years. it hasnt even been a week that i've been home and i already miss him like crazy! i guess when you're used to being with someone all the time, thats what happens. i'm kinda sad we won't be together for christmas or new years this year but i would gladly give up this month to be with my friends and family for the holidays and then be with boyfriend ALL the time after that. after doing long distance for so long it has been really great to be able to spend soooo much time together (it's the truth! he loves it too).

so i just wanted to use this post to say i miss you like cuh-razy even though you may not think so. every day there are a million things i feel like i need to tell you, most specifically whenever i hear someone say weirdo or awkward and the fact that i have said tome chi chi about a million and one times in my head because no one would understand what i am saying.

i love you to infinity and beyond beyond beyond.

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