Sunday, December 18

hi there!

welcome to the boots parade! my name is britta and this is my brand new blog. that picture right there does a pretty good job of depicting what i've been doing for the past year and half: traveling (give or take a bag or two).

i graduated undergrad in may of 2010 and a few months later i flew to spain to teach english. during those nine months i flew back and forth between spain, the usa, and costa rica to visit my boyfriend (hi babe!). once i finished teaching in june i flew back to the usa, waited two months, then made a big move to costa rica!

so right now i am starting my life in costa rica (well actually right now i'm visiting the usa for the holidays) and i'm super excited about it! i got another job teaching english that starts in february and i am really looking forward to it.

well thats that. hope you enjoy!

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