nice to meet you! my name is Britta.

i am originally from new jersey but have spent the last two years or so in costa rica living with my boyfriend.

i try to spend as much time as i can getting to know this country, and have so far been to a few different volcanoes, and of course lots of time at the beach.

i am a middle school english teacher and even though the job is hard, i love it.

i miss my friends and family a lot so i try to go home at least twice a year. i have actually made the decision to move back home at the end of this year so that i can go back to school. hopefully paris and i will only be apart for about a year before he makes the big move to the states.

and of course i can't leave out my little puppy rocco. he is my first dog and has been such a loveable companion. i just can't get enough of my little baby boy.

i am so glad you have stopped by my blog, please introduce yourself i think we'll be great friends!